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paper and paper onlystylish but cute paper crafts.

Originated from the idea of putting rolled papers together to form various tools and architectural forms for the purpose of enhancing kids’ creativity, Koto released a new brand of colourful and cute paper pipe robots in 2006, marking the birth of Piperoid. Hoping to recall the fun of handcrafting to adults alike, Piperoid tries to revive the excitement adults once experienced in “model-making”, by just simply cutting paper pipes to form robots. Later bestowed as “Piperoid Classics”, these robots all have individual personalities and they live in a unique “Pipe Robot World”, aiming ultimately at invading the Earth.

Highly regarded for its simplicity in form and easiness in building, Piperoid won “Good Design Award” in 2007, a year after its birth. In the same year when Piperoid started its sales at MoMA Design Store Japan, Piperoid launched a new series – the “Piperoid Characters” in 2008. While giving even more attention to the diverse use of Japanese traditional colours, Piperoid Characters doubled the fun by adding one more little companion figure into each package.

Wishing more fun for children as well, Piperoid launched in 2012 a new product line --- the “Piperoid Animals” – using pipes to create children’s most familiar animals in wildlife e.g. elephants, lions, alligators and penguins, which won the “Good Design Award” in 2013. Items launched under the Piperoid Animals Series afterwards are the “Beetles” series, our lovely pets the “Dogs” & the “Cats” series, which debuted in spring and winter in 2015 respectively.

just your creativityand a pair of scissors

step 1

All you need are the pipes inside the package.
Nothing else.

step 2

Just cut with a pair of scissors.
no glue needed.

step 3

Complete within an hour.
Display it on your desk!

Koto strives to provide stylish but cute paper crafts. Paper quality, rolling thickness, drilling holes sizes all are well-designed to its optimum to ensure the best assembly experience.

Each Piperoid can stand and pose with their movable joints. Widely loved as interior decorations on desks.
No glue needed in assembly. Just a pair of scissors will be enough to bring life to your own cute figure!

Main Designers: Mr. Takashi Tsunoda, Mr. Hiroyuki Tsukitani , Mr. Kei Fukudome

Awards and achievements:
2007 Piperoid won the “Good Design Award”
2013 Piperoid Animals won the “Good Design Award”

experience wonderinspired from traditional japanese culture

The main series of PIPEROID is designed under the concept of “Motleys-in-the-Japanese-way”, hoping to decorate your desk with a diverse varieties of colourful lives.

Genius artist, drum duo, circus clown and masked wrestlers… Figures in CHARACTERS series are all with unique characters and will certainly keep you a good company at desk.

Simple as it might look, PIPEROID is not just colourful papers rolled into pipes. Japanese traditional colours commonly used on Kimonos e.g. Umenezumi, Jinzamomi, Karakurenai are carefully selected and applied. Through the CHARACTERS series, we hope to present the Japanese traditional culture to the world in the form of a pop art, while at the same time, facilitate Japanese to rediscover the marvellous value of their own culture.

Smoke + Bill. Ref:PIP010
Dr.Penk + Goriborg. Ref:PIP012
Guyzer + Bean. Ref:PIP013
Tengking + Tsubuten. Ref:PIP016
Rokusuke + Hachi. Ref:PIP019
Captain Drill + Repeat. Ref:PIP021
Lyric + Hook + Track. Ref:PIP022
Funny + Angry. Ref:PIP023
Super Red + El Blue. Ref:PIP024
Tenor + Silky. Ref:PIP030
Snow Giant + Lop + Dwarf. Ref:PIP031
Dr.Penk + Bearborg. Ref:PIP032
Octo + Deca. Ref:PIP034
Linda + Doby. Ref:PIP036
Hana + Suzu. Ref:PIP037
Kojiro + Butcher. Ref:PIP038
Teddy + Hoot. Ref:PIP039
Dracky & Wolfy & Franky. Ref:PIP040
Dr Joe & Boxy. Ref:PIP041
French Bulldog. Ref:PIA004
Beagle. Ref:PIA006
Miniature Schnauzer. Ref:PIA007
Calico. Ref:PIA008
Orange Tabby. Ref:PIA009
Silver Tabby. Ref:PIA010
Siamese. Ref:PIA013
Black Cat. Ref:PIA014

material safety. part of our design.

PIPEROID is developed and made in Kyoto, distributed by Les Jouets Libres in Europe. All materials composing PIPEROID are tested by a third party institution and are proved to meet EN71-3 requirements, one of the strictest material safety standards in the world.

About EN71-3. Material safety tests to safeguard users from the risks of intaking dangerous substances. Products made of materials containing dangerous elements e.g. cadmium, lead, arsenic exceeding the level of the safety provisions are prohibited to be sold in EU market.

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Les Jouets Libres distributes PIPEROID range in Europe. Feel free to contact us for wholesale prices.

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